Jimmy Fallon spoofs Anthony Weiner mayoral campaign, Morgan Freeman

Late Night with Jimmy FallonAs it turns out, it was not only “Game of Thrones” who ended up being the butt of a major Jimmy Fallon joke during his edition of “Late Night” on Friday.  At the start of the show, he decided to take on a subject that could not be any more different: Anthony Weiner, the once-disgraced political figure who is now running for office to become the Mayor of New York City.

Was Fallon’s list of jokes incredibly predictable? Sure, but it also made for some pretty good puns, as he told a series of one-liners about a certain part of Weiner’s anatomy in the context of his election. As you surely remember, it was this part of his anatomy that completely ruined his last stint in office.

As for whether or not Weiner has a chance to win an election in New York City, we have no idea. We’re not knowledgeable at all in New York politics, and we do not claim to be. All we can do right now is really thank Jimmy to be brave enough to be the one late-night host to make jokes about a guy’s junk … while pretending to be the guy at the same time. (Even if you don’t like Fallon, you do have to appreciate some of the effort he puts in.)

There was also another moment on the show worth mentioning which is Morgan Freeman showing up and mocking himself falling asleep, which he apparently seemed to do during a press junket earlier this week.

What do you think about Weiner already getting the rip from late-night, and do you expect to see this happen pretty much the rest of the way until the actual election happens? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Also, be sure to head over to this link if you haven’t heard much about his “Game of Thrones” spoof already.

Photo: NBC

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