‘Dexter’ season 8: Jennifer Carpenter has reason to celebrate

DexterThis is a busy, but rather happy, time in which to be Jennifer Carpenter. You have a hit show on the air in “Dexter” that is getting set to end its run, so you have an opportunity now to move forward into the next phase of your life with a considerable amount of money in the bank. Not only that, but you were also just nominated for a Critics’ Choice TV Award for your work in season 7!

While we’ll get to whether or not Carpenter has a chance to feasibly win in our prediction series a little bit later this month, for now we just want to share the positively giddy reaction that the actress had to the news in a new post on her Twitter account this week:

“I’m so excited to be nominated for a Critics Choice Award!! (This might be one of my favorite Wednesdays of all time…)”

There is a pretty easy reason to figure out why Jennifer is so excited, and it may have something to do with how hard these awards shows have made her work for some recognition. She’s been great for a number of years, but most of the nominations and wins have gone to either Michael C. Hall or one of the guest stars. She’s still yet to receive an Emmy nomination, but she does have a shot a little later this summer for season 7. (For those curious, season 8 will be eligible for Emmys next year, which means that she technically has two more kicks at the can.)

In other Jennifer-related news, did you hear that she will be the first guest on this season’s version of the Wrap-Up podcast? Producer Robert Galluzzo confirmed the news with a post on Twitter.

If you want to watch both Hall and Carpenter talk a little bit about the story coming up this season, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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