MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3, episode 8 preview: Is Colin ready to play homewrecker?

AwkwardIn a show like “Awkward,” there is almost always trouble on the horizon for at least one couple, and more often than not, that couple also has Jenna Hamilton as a part of it. Last year, she spent almost all season wondering whether or not she was really meant to be with Jake, and trying to muster the energy to admit to him every detail about her past with Matty.

Now, she’s trying to figure out if someone like Matty, who is kind, has nice abs, and is fairly supportive of her, is really the right person for her, mostly because of two key problems: He’s not particularly ambitious on any one thing, and he also does not challenge her on an intellectual level. This is where Colin enters the picture. He’s cool, collected, mysterious when it comes to his intentions, and clearly creative thanks to the fact that he is also in a creative writing class with her.

For whatever reason, Colin also decides to show up for a reading that Jenna is giving at a local coffee house, which is also where you would assume hipsters would sit around and read stories aloud. (We personally find bookstores to be a better place for readings if you’re into that sort of thing.) Immediately upon seeing him, Jenna asks almost unassumingly why he bothered coming out to the reading, and that’s when he grabs her arm. Insert dramatic music here!

We think this may be the first time that Jenna really starts to look at Colin fully as the anti-Matty, and in some ways almost an ideal as to what she doesn’t have. We don’t know if her mind is really reading him to the point where he is someone that she would actually rather be with, but whenever you are a teenager, the “grass is always greener” phenomenon is more well-known to your brain than how to brush your teeth.

Do you see Colin serving as a major troublemaker very soon? If you want to see what looked like a turning point for Jenna and Matty last week, be sure to read our most-recent “Awkward” story here.

Photo: MTV

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