‘Royal Pains’ season 5 premiere: First look at ‘Hank Watch’

Royal Pains“Royal Pains” fans, June 12 is almost here. This is the day when your beloved series will return to USA with all-new episodes, and the first question straight out of the gate is going to be pretty simple: Is Hank actually going to be okay?

During the Christmas-themed episode last fall, what we really saw out of the character was a basic case of “I think I can do everything”-itis. He tried to walk before he could crawl in the contexts of the aftereffects of the explosion, and it left his mind and body in a pretty bad space, even to the point where he ended up on a hospital bed.

Even though the premiere episode, which carries with it the oh-so ominous title of “Hank Watch,” is set a full six months after the events in the finale, there is still going to be that same overarching question: Is this guy really okay? There’s going to be a difference between walking around with a doctor’s bag in tow (as he does in the photo above) and actually having the presence of mind to do it. We expect that Hank is going to need to take it slow still if he wants to truly get better, and the question really becomes whether or not he will allow himself to do so.

Whatever happens here, don’t expect an answer right away. Hank is not going to be able to wipe his slate clean in just one episode, especially now that one of his most challenging patients is himself.

What’s your take on this “Royal Pains” episode title, and do you believe that Hank is really going to make it through this without any substantial problems? In getting away from Hank for a minute, be sure to head over here for some more scoop on Divya’s love life.

Photo: USA

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