Chicago Fire season 12: Are Sylvie Brett, Matt Casey engaged?

Chicago Fire season 12
Photo: NBC

Are Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey officially engaged? This was obviously one of the big questions worth wondering ahead of the Chicago Fire season 12 premiere.

Sure, there were some photos out there that indicated that Kara Killmer’s character accepted the proposal from her one-time boyfriend, given that she sported an engagement ring. However, we know that shows can engage in a little bit of trickery here and there, so we did not want to just draw some sort of conclusion, false or not, that this was going to be the case here.

So what did we actually see during the episode? As it turns out, there is good news for the character and the photos were true! It turns out that Brett actually is engaged to Casey and now, the two can plan some sort of a future together.

It is worth noting at this point that the Chicago Fire premiere is set a good six months following the end of season 11 and with that in mind, Brett has already had a good opportunity to celebrate her engagement and try to look towards whatever her future could be with Matt. We know that they are planning some of that out now, and we do tend to think that we are going to see it here and there over the course of the season.

Is it sad that Kara is eventually leaving the show?

Absolutely, but we do like to think that this is all setting the stage for some sort of enormous, celebratory departure. We know that this franchise has killed people off before, but it remains our hope that there can be happier exits at the same exact time. Who said that every departure has to be miserable? There’s something to be said for leaving the door open for more stories later on.

What did you think about the big Brett / Casey reveal within the Chicago Fire season 12 premiere?

Where do you think we are going to see things go from here with the character? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back for some other updates.

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