‘The Simpsons’: Universal Studios to create real-life Springfield

The Simpsons“The Simpsons” fans, rejoice! Your dream of walking through a real-life version of the town Springfield is a step closer to becoming reality.

In a press release on Friday, it was announced by theme park Universal Studios in Orlando that they will be expanding the area around the popular Simpsons Ride in the park to include the walkable town of Springfield. This means that there will be more opportunities to get into the feeling that Bart and Homer have on a regular basis, and potentially drink something that the show passes off as Duff Beer. While we don’t know how the park plans to make this into an effective visual representation of the Matt Groening series, they are the innovators and will surely find a way.

Some of the other attractions include the famous Moe’s Tavern, a Krusty Burger, and a Lard Lad donuts. The Krusty Burger may be one of the few opportunities you have to buy a burger with the expectation that it’s probably not going to be any good. Bonus points if there actually books used for booster seats.

This is not the first time that a part of the “Simpsons” universe has entered the real world, as a few select 7-11 stores were shifted into Quik-E-Marts to promote the launch of the movie. (We went into one once, and the guy at the counter seriously said “please come again” to us. Life = complete.)

Are you going to get in line in order to check this place out? We want to hear your thoughts below! Also, be sure to check out the link here if you want to see the latest “Simpsons” introduction that serves as a spoof for “Downton Abbey.”

Photo: Fox

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