Monsieur Spade season 1 episode 1: Who killed the nuns?

Monsieur Spade season 1
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The premiere of Monsieur Spade season 1 has arrived on AMC and AMC+, and there is one thing we can say here: It’s outstanding. Clive Owen is stellar as Sam Spade and all of a sudden, it appears that we have a spectacular mystery on our hands.

So, who is responsible for killing all the nuns? That is something that we are currently wondering about and in the end, we still don’t have a clear answer. What we do have, at least at the moment, are a wide array of suspects.

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Here is what we can say about the gruesome killings as of right now. All of the nuns were shot and then staged seemingly in a particular manner, like it was a deadly tableau. This is clearly not just a personal vendetta against one person. Meanwhile, this happens right when Philippe is back in town. Sam heard a gunshot when he was on the phone with him, but only one. What happened to him is a mystery that has not been fully uncovered.

As for some other suspects, remember that Henri was digging into Philippe, that there is a potential inheritance that could give his mother a motive, and that there are some violent people who are certainly a part of this world. The series introduced a whole flurry of suspects within the premiere and by virtue of that, it is easy to look in about a thousand different directions. The challenge at this point is figuring out who not only has the motive, but also the fortitude to do something that was this graphic, garish, and deliberate.

For now, let’s just say that the show has managed to deliver a pretty stellar start to this tale.

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