Night Court season 2 episode 3 spoilers: The courthouse is hacked!

Night Court season 2
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Next week on Night Court season 2 episode 3, you have a chance to watch “Just the Fax, Dan.” What makes this story stand out?

Honestly, the core of this story is something that we have seen time and time again across TV — various institutions getting hacked! However, we’ll admit that the bulk of the time when we see it, it happens on shows that are based almost entirely around drama. Think along the lines of hospital shows like The Resident. Because this show is a comedy, there is certainly a chance for everything to play out a little bit differently.

Below, you can check out the full Night Court season 2 episode 3 synopsis with more news on what lies ahead:

01/16/2024 (08:00PM – 08:30PM) (Tuesday) : When a cybercriminal hacks the courthouse server, the crew has to figure out who’s behind it before all their secrets are revealed. Gurgs welcomes Wyatt, the new clerk, by immediately identifying him as their prime suspect. TV-PG

How much pressure is there going to be on some of these characters to figure this out? We do tend to think that the weight is going to be pretty darn immense, and that could cause some people to do some incredibly dramatic things.

How are the ratings so far?

So far, we will say that the numbers are down versus the first season, and at the same time, that’s to be expected. Just think about it like this: Season 1 for the show had a great start in the numbers, mostly due to the fact that this was an established brand. The numbers dwindled a little bit over time last year, and that has stayed the same so far.

Do we still think that it has a chance of sticking around here? Absolutely. This is still a show averaging a 0.4 rating in the 18-49demographic, which is really not that bad at all for where we are in this present-day TV climate.

What do you most want to see moving into Night Court season 2 episode 3?

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