‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2 spoilers: Jay Ryan hypes new characters, story

Beauty and the BeastIf you listen to what the average critic has to say about “Beauty and the Beast,” the answer is pretty much the same where ever you go. The show got off to a slow start, but found its voice midway through the first season before building to a pretty exciting conclusion. Now that this has happened, and the fan-base is pretty mobilized to see what happens next, the pressure shifts back to production. How do you keep the quality coming? One way in which to do this is to make sure that there are constantly at least a few new people entering the picture, and this is what the folks behind the show seem to be doing.

Speaking to TVLine on early plans for the second season (or at least what he knows about them right now), the man behind Vincent in Jay Ryan had the following to say:

“We’ve got some new people joining us [for Season 2], which is going to amp things up. Fresh blood! … I think we’ve found our footing, as far as what the tone of the show is — and we can only grow bigger and better from there.”

The writers still have a little bit of time to prepare for the show’s likely-October premiere on Monday nights, and also the start of production. Filming will likely not begin until mid-to-late July, and hopefully around that time we will start to get a more panoramic sense about some of the notable people who will be stopping by the series for a visit.

Is there any one thing in particular that you want to see on “Beauty and the Beast” moving forward? If so, the best thing you can do is visit the story that is online over here.

Photo: The CW

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