Magnum PI season 6 campaign: A New Year’s Eve billboard!

Magnum PI season 5 part 2
Photo: NBC

For the better part of the past several months, fans of Magnum PI have done their part to make their voices heard in Times Square. The famous locale in New York City has been the site of numerous digital billboards, with all of them hoping to garner the attention of either NBC or some other network / streaming service to revive the show.

From the very start, these efforts have been quite a success at raising awareness. Today, we’re proud to report that and then some.

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If you head over to this link, you can see the latest from Time Square, and this one is all the more significant given that this is the setting for the largest New Year’s Eve party in the country. There is certainly a chance to get more attention on this than ever before and absolutely, it’s great press heading into the two-part finale on Wednesday night.

We know that as of right now, there are no serious conversations about a Magnum PI season 6, whether it be at NBC or anywhere else. This is where we have to advise a certain measure of patience. Pending a big surprise over the next couple of weeks, things could be quiet for a while. We don’t anticipate that there will be a lot of headlines around the show. Having a ton of people watch the finale live could help tremendously, and so could it generating viewership on Peacock after the fact. Our hope remains that older seasons will also eventually arrive on Netflix or another paid streaming platform. The larger the potential viewer pool is, the more success we predict the show having. That could be a big part of what potentially makes another season happen, and it is what we’re crossing our fingers for.

While we wait, we hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! We’re grateful for all of your support in 2023.

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