Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight, 12/31/23?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Photo: HBO

Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight on HBO? Wouldn’t this be a pretty hilarious way to wrap up the year?

It may go without saying, but New Year’s Eve is a time that a lot of networks veer away from traditional programming … and this is going to be the case here as well. Granted, the same was true here the week before. Last Week Tonight aired its season 10 finale back on December 17, and the plan seems to be for the show to come back on the air in February. That tends to be the case the vast majority of the time here.

In general, we should say here that Last Week Tonight often faces a challenge when they come back due, at least in part, to all of the headlines that they miss during their time away. You may get a reference or two about them, but that’s more or less it the vast majority of the time. They focus more on the “last week” that is in the title and beyond that, main segments that tend to be a little bit more timeless in their appeal.

Does the show need to make any changes entering season 11 when it is pretty spectacular as it is? These things tend to be rather subjective, but we would say that in general, it would be worth considering doing some update segments from ones that were in the first couple of seasons. You shouldn’t repeat yourselves but instead, remember that a lot of things have certainly changed here over time.

When will a premiere date be announced?

Our feeling is that we’re going to get some sort of start date confirmed within the first couple of weeks of January. We don’t think the show will return until after the Super Bowl, but there’s still a lot to prepare for in general.

What do you most want to see Last Week Tonight with John Oliver cover when it returns in 2024?

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