‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: Alexander Skarsgard and the return of ‘evil’ Eric

Alexander SkarsgardWe know that there are times over the course of “True Blood’s” six-year run that Eric Northman has made you melt, but at the same time, haven’t there been some moments that have made you cower in fear of the man? He’s not a model of good behavior, has chained people up in the past, and of course left a trail of blood long enough to satisfy any vampire’s thirst.

In some ways, season 5 was a heroic turn for the character as he tried to save Bill Compton from himself in the Vampire Authority, and also ensure that there was a future for the race beyond just the perception of humans as food. Did it work? Both yes and no, considering that we now have “Billith” running around and rocking out to his bloody self.

Thanks to this, could Eric take a much darker approach in the upcoming episodes this summer? It seems likely. Alexander Skarsgard told HollywoodLife recently that his character is doing some “evil stuff” this season, but did not really elaborate on what some of this stuff would be. However, he did elaborate a little bit on whether he prefers playing the good or bad side of his character more:

“I like them both … It’s fun to go back and forth, you get to play around with both sides. It’s always more interesting than one extreme or the other … when you have both within, and it’s an internal struggle.”

Personally, we like to have a healthy mix of Mr. Northman. It would make sense now for the pendulum to swing back in an evil direction at the moment, but we don’t know how long it will potentially stay there.

What’s your take on the Eric good vs. evil debate: Do you think that he’s more good than bad at heart, and which side do you prefer to see more? If you want some more scoop on the sixth season, you can check it out at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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