The Buccaneers season 2 spoilers: Who is Nan’s mother?

The Buccaneers season 1
Photo: Apple TV+.

Just in case you needed some sort of evidence that the producers for The Buccaneers want for there to be a season 2, we got it with the season 1 finale earlier this week. After all, it turns out that Nan’s mother was at the wedding! Yet, at the same time, it still remains unclear who this woman actually is.

Is this something that we are going to learn? That absolutely seems to be the plan — at least, provided that the powers-that-be over at Apple TV+ decide to go ahead and order another season here! Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Katherine Jakeways made it clear that everyone behind the scenes already has a good sense of what could be next, and the answers many viewers may be looking to get:

We know who she is. It would be remiss of us to not have had conversations about who Nan’s mom is. So yes, it’s something which may or may not be revealed in the future, but let’s hope so.

This will more than likely be something that we see in the early going of a potential season 2 and for now, the best advice we can hand down for fans of the show is that they watch the first season in its entirety and soon. Also, recommend it to many of your friends! The larger the amount of people are who show up en masse to check this series out, the better off it is going to be at the end of the day.

Do we think that Apple TV+ wants more of this series? Absolutely, not that this should serve as that much of a shock. Not only are the ones who originally greenlit it, but it’s also fair to remember that they are very-much eager to get more younger viewers flocking to the service to watch things.

Do you think that are going to see a season 2 for The Buccaneers at some point down the road?

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