‘Royal Pains’ season 5 spoilers: What comes next in Divya’s love life

DivyaAdmit it: You’ve missed the brighter side of the Hamptons, haven’t you? “Revenge” is so dark and moody, whereas as a show in “Royal Pains” is to us really all about entertainment, even during some of its more serious moments.

One such story we really became attached to for the better part of last year was the love life of Divya, mostly because we finally had a man interested in her that we genuinely cared about in Dr. Jeremiah Sacani. Ben Shenkman was promoted to series regular prior to production of this season, so we do know that there will be much more of the super-genius doctor around, but that doesn’t mean that he and Divya are going to have an immediate future. There are roadblocks in his way, beginning with the simple fact that she has been in a relationship with another man in Rafar, even to the point where the two were briefly married, but then annulled it to work on their relationship as friends.

So where does she pick up in the new season? According to TV Guide, her relationship with Rafa is seriously on the rocks when the show picks up six months later after the events of last fall’s two-hour special. Thanks to that, it is actually Paige who is going to try and carry the responsibility to find her a new man, but the problem is that there are still going to be some complications that come up courtesy of everything that she’s been through. What are they? Well we can’t spoil everything now can we?

“Royal Pains” returns to USA on Wednesday, June 12, and if you want to check out some footage courtesy of the first promo, you can do so over here.

Photo: USA

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