Frasier revival season 2: Kelsey Grammer confident on renewal

Frasier revival, season 1
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Following the season 1 finale on Paramount+ this week, it only makes sense to keep asking questions about a season 2 of Frasier. The revival has wrapped up its first go-around with a holiday-themed story but for now, the future remains a little bit unclear.

Is it understandable to be fairly confident over the future? We tend to think so, mostly in that the streaming service clearly invested a lot of money in this show, hoping that it would be a success. By virtue of that, we personally believe that they are going to do whatever they can to give it another kick at the can. We cannot speak to exact numbers at the moment but even still, we think it would be thought of as an epic disappointment for everyone if the show gets canceled now.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Kelsey Grammer himself expressed a lot of confidence in what lies ahead when asked about a season 2. Just take a look at what he had to say:

We haven’t really cracked a storyline yet for season two. We haven’t really gotten into that stuff, but we probably will fairly soon. I believe we have a home at Paramount+ for several years to come, and we certainly have several ideas for it. It’s just what’s fleshing out, and we’re not sure yet because the writers went on strike, then the actors stayed on strike, and everything just sort of stalled. At least we got the episodes in under the wire before we had to just lock down.

But where our future is, of course, we’re going to explore the relationship between the father and the son, and that’s natural. Then involve the other characters, as well. Was it intentional? Yeah, of course. Because the first few episodes of any new television show, it needs to be sort dedicated to the idea of allowing the audience to fall in love with the new characters. I believe that’s finally started to take shape. Now we have the luxury of saying, well, let’s branch off into this area, branch off into that area, go a little heavier on this storyline, focus a little bit more on this member of the cast or members of the cast.

When it comes to a possible season 2 for a show like Frasier, we really think that the priority here is going to be just taking what viewers liked about the first batch of episodes and then trying to find some ways to evolve. With a sitcom in particular, first seasons are in a lot of ways a testing ground.

Odds are, we are going to learn about a renewal one way or another before we get to the spring; we will wait and see what happens. (If that does take place, we tend to think a season 3 would premiere in the fall of next year.)

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