ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Could a time jump happen?

RevengeIt’s a TV trope as old as time, but time jumps have almost become commonplace in jumping from one season to the next. It is an easy way to go from one narrative to the next, oftentimes skipping either a messy cleanup or a boring span of time along the way.

When it comes to “Revenge,” the answer here may be somewhat in between. The only events worth seeing immediately following the season 2 finale are pretty simple: What in the world happened following Emily’s admission to Jack, and how is both he and Charlotte going to move forward following Declan’s death? It may be beneficial to move the story forward to see Conrad Grayson as Governor, and for Emily to assemble some sort of new plan given the ways in which things have fallen apart.

While there is no confirmation of a time jump yet, the man behind Jack in Nick Wechsler very strongly suggested (via TVLine) that one is being considered moving forward:

“If it happens — and that’s a big “if” because it hasn’t been run by anyone else — we would pick up later … [If] it’s months later or a year or more, I don’t know. But it would pick up later.”

The mental state of Jack is something that will be a big question for the episodes ahead. mostly because there are only three ways he can move forward: He can go insane and do something that ruins his life, start to begin plotting with Emily in secret, or just get in a hole and hide away forever.

What do you think about the story ahead for Jack, and do you think that the show would be better served to go in a time jump sort of direction moving forward? If you want to check some more scoop on “Revenge” season 3 when it comes to Nolan, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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