‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 premiere video: Ashley Benson and the Mona question

Pretty Little LiarsYou see, ladies and gentlemen, this is why you should never put on a hood, refer to yourself as a letter of the alphabet, and start to freak out anyone and everyone in your community: People start to lose trust in you after a while. When it comes to Mona on “Pretty Little Liars,” it’s going to take forever before anyone starts to trust her in full ever again.

For one example of this, just take a look at the new sneak peek below from the upcoming June 11 season premiere. In it, you see Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) have what is for them an absolutely critical conversation: Whether or not it is smart for either one of them to trust working with Mona, even though she has some of the same motives now in the wake of what happened with Red Coat in the finale.

One reason to be skeptical? It’s all thanks to the fact that “A” is always a step ahead. Take, for example, how she put on gloves before touching Wilden’s car, which is something that nobody else bothered to do … and thus potentially implicating themselves in some wrongdoing. The Liars could potentially find themselves in even more hot water this year, as there will be an even larger police presence in Rosewood after someone starts to smartly realize that everyone who has some sort of professional career in the town is reasonably incompetent.

While these two ladies debate the finer things with Mona, Spencer and Toby have a crazy mission of their own. In case you haven’t seen the sneak peek yet, the video at this link shows off the two trying to sort through the wreckage of the fire in hopes for a clue.

Photo: ABC Family

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