‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Possibilities still there for Meghan Ory’s Red

Meghan Ory, Once Upon a TimeWhile it may be easy to rule out Meghan Ory as someone who will not return on “Once Upon a Time” for another season, we’re now hearing that thinking anything of the sort at the moment may be a tad premature. With the actress getting a new pilot over on CBS in “Intelligence,” it is probably fair to say that she is not going to have the same sort of time available to her that once was., but is she out of the show forever? Not so fast.

Speaking in an interview with TVLine, Ory herself proclaimed that Ruby will probably be back at some point. One thing that is currently working in her favor is that like “Once Upon a Time,” “Intelligence” films new episodes in Vancouver. Therefore, it’s not going to be that much of a commute to get over for a day or so if her schedule allows.

Meanwhile, there is some other interesting news coming up now via David Anders, who also told the website that the initial plan for the show was to build on that Ruby / Dr. Whale story that first started to take hold around the midway point in the season:

“I know they were talking about exploring a relationship between us, but Meghan just got her own show! So there’s that. But I’m so, so proud of her.”

Even though Anders is still in Storybrooke rather than on a boat to Neverland, there is still a plan for him and many of the other faces there. Based on the fact that Emilie de Ravin is still a series regular, there are going to be some stories there; and with her being the only character still present in this place with such a tag to her name right now, she may have even more opportunities to shine.

One thing that we can confirm here? That Ory will never be recast on the show. Adam Horowitz recently confirmed that there will never be a plan that leaves the actress out of a job on the show.

Photo: ABC

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