Beacon 23 season 1 episode 5 spoilers: A life-saving reveal?

Beacon 23 season 1
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As you prepare to see Beacon 23 season 1 episode 5 over on MGM+ next week, there is so much to be excited about here! After spending a good stretch of time in episode 4 in the past, we are going to be heading back into the present.

So what does that really mean? Well, for starters, it marks a chance to dive head-first back into the world of Aster and Halan — including all of the various trust issues that they understandably have at this point. Is it true that we don’t know a lot about who they were before coming to the Beacon, and that is intentional. Is a lot of their destinies tied to the oh-so-mysterious rocks? Well, at this point we more than understand anyone who feels that way!

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In order to better set the stage now for what lies ahead, we suggest that you check out the full Beacon 23 season 1 episode 5 synopsis below:

While uncovering Halan’s past, Aster finds a link to the rocks that will alter both their lives.

Obviously, these minerals are key to something that almost everyone wants, whether it be tied to what we saw from Milan in episode 4 or something else entirely. There has to be a reason why the QTA spent a lot of time sending so many people out to the Beacon.

When it comes to Halan, what we worry about at present is simply this: We’re talking about a guy here who is clearly still dealing with a lot of trauma. Are there some things from the past that he does not remember, and are there things that Aster could actually help him with? At the moment, we tend to think there are a lot of possibilities still on the table; we will have to see just how many of them end up being explored.

What do you most want to see moving into Beacon 23 season 1 episode 5 on MGM+?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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