National Dog Show 2023: Who won Best in Show this year?

National Dog Show 2023
Photo: NBC

Who was the winner of the 2023 National Dog Show? Be assured of this — we get caught up in the end of this in a particularly big way.

The truth is, it’s really hard for any of us on the end to get something right here given that we’re not experts in this field. Sure, we are animal lovers, but judges? Not so much? In the end, we tend to just go with who we find the most endearing at the end of the day.

Herding group – German shepherd. Doesn’t this dog feel like one of the most quintessential versions of the breed out there?

Non-sporting group – The Dalmatian! Just based on the first two group winners here, we’re starting to think already that this show is doing a smart thing prioritizing a lot of breeds that are really familiar to everyday viewers.

Toy group – Shih Tzu. This is the sort of dog that requires a lot of grooming — we can’t even imagine the time required in here!

Sporting group – The Chesapeake Bay retriever, Madison, managed to take this one! (The judges were really hyping up the golden retrievers here.)

Hound group –  The Azawakh. Honestly, we had never heard of this breed before the show today.

Terrier group – The sealyham terrier. Once again, we weren’t aware of this breed and yet, it wasn’t that hard to figure out why the judge selected them.

Herding Group – The Great Dane has it! This is a magnificent dog — probably our favorite for the bunch.

Who was the big winner?

We would say that this was at least one of the more competitive fields in a long time, mostly because you had a lot of top-rated dogs that seemed to also have personalities. They came from all shapes and sizes!

In the end, it was the small dog who took this home in the sealyham terrier. Just from the sight of the tongue wagging at the end, you could see why the judge chose them.

Do you think the right dog won the 2023 National Dog Show?

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