‘The Newsroom’ season 2 spoilers: Go behind the scenes with Will McAvoy

The NewsroomPrior to Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones” episode airing on HBO, there was a lovely little nugget handed over by the network bigwigs for those out there who are big-time fans of “The Newsroom”: A new clip that takes us behind the scenes of, ironically, a show that is all about behind the scenes of a cable news show. There isn’t really anything particularly notable in here from a content perspective, but you do get to see Jeff Daniels trying to look regal as Will McAvoy while Olivia Munn messes with her hair. (So there’s that…)

“The Newsroom” enters season 2 in an interesting position, mostly in that the first season was something viewers either loved, or hate-watched liked they did most of the first year of “Smash.” Can you make the case that the show was a little talky, even for Aaron Sorkin? Sure, but it’s hard to really get all angsty here over something having a reasonably-uplifting message.

The feeling that we got when reading so much of the criticism of this show was just how cynical so many of us have become when it comes to modern television. It is like we would have preferred the show if someone had been shot in the end, started working with organized crime, or if Will and Mackenzie went all “50 Shades of Grey” using some of the camera cords. We’ve been conditioned so much with cable television to embrace the extreme, that sometimes there is something wrong with the ordinary.

July 14 is the premiere date, and it will also be the next real opportunity for us to adequately judge this show … and whether or not it has learned anything in the wake of some of its season 1 mistakes. As a lover of Sorkin, we absolutely cannot wait, even if some out there are too busy rolling their eyes to notice.

Be sure to visit the link here if you have not seen anything related to the plot for “The Newsroom” season 2 just yet, and you’re looking to be enlightened.

Photo: HBO

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