Billboard Music Awards 2013: Justin Bieber booed during bizarre acceptance speech

Billboard Music AwardsIt is not often that we choose to write about acceptance speeches during televised awards shows, mostly because the common garden variety consists of someone either thanking God, talking about their colleagues / management / family, and then walking off the stage trying to keep it together. Every now and then though you get something really bizarre.

What was interesting about Justin Bieber’s big “moment” at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night was that it was almost the revere of “you really, really like me.” The 19-year old heard a small group booing him, and then proceeded to get extremely defensive to the point where more people piled on.

The moment occurred during Bieber’s acceptance speech for The Milestone Award, which he defeated the likes of Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and others in order to win. He heard the boos early on, and then proceeded at one point into complete self-defense mode, saying that he was “not a gimmick,” and that he “should be taken seriously” as an artist. He eventually left the stage, and host Tracy Morgan semi-chided the crowd for piling on him.

To an extent, we understand what’s running through Bieber’s head: His ego at this point has to be the size of the sun, given that he is so successful and has millions of women obsessing over his every move. But to get defensive about it and ask for things, such as for the media to not focus on anything negative, that are never going to happen is probably not the best way to handle it. In this situation, Bieber probably should have either handled it with humor or not reacted at all … even if that may be difficult to do on the fly when you are so young and confident through the roof.

Where does this rank for you on memorable awards-show speeches? If you want to read more on Tracy’s opening, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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