‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Camilla Luddington on future for Jo, Alex

Grey's AnatomyIf you look at the “Grey’s Anatomy” finale last week as a whole, it’s clear that there were quite a few moments where it was easy to explode into a pile of tears. When it comes to what happened with Cristina and Owen or Callie and Arizona, these were more tears of the “ugly cry” variety. However, weren’t there at least a few happy tears that came along with finally seeing that Jo / Alex kiss that we’ve been waiting all season for? Shonda Rhimes has been taking her time building these two up as though they were a slice of fine cheddar, and the payoff at the end should have been delicious to any diehard fan.

To keep this food analogy going, it is possible that there could still be a bitter aftertaste in the end. After all, Camilla Luddington said recently in an interview with Elle that even though there was a reasonably-happy ending for the character now, it is by no means a guarantee that there will be some more reasons to smile for Jo and Alex down the road:

“Honestly, I have no idea [what happens next]. I have absolutely no idea. On that show, everything and anything can happen and I don’t trust anything to necessarily last. We weren’t all on series regular contracts; we could have been written out at any moment. You never know what’s going to happen—if suddenly [his ex-girlfriend] Lucy will come back or I get killed by a tree—you just don’t know.”

While there is still time to figure this out, we would not be shocked at all if Luddington is one of a few actors handed a series regular deal for the fall, just to ensure that Jo sticks around for a while longer. Plus, there is that feeling now of building to the endgame. Rhimes hasn’t announced that season 10 is the end, but given that many of the actors’ deals expire at that point, the show will either need to come to a close, experience a massive cast overhaul, or hit the negotiation table now.

Do you think that Jo and Alex will make it? If you want to read even more thoughts on the subject of Chief Webber’s future on the show, all you have to do there is pay a visit over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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