‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ rankings: Trace Adkins vs. Penn Jillette

All-Star Celebrity ApprenticeYou have been waiting quite a long time in order to find out the winner of “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” but the good news is that this wait is just about over. Sunday night marks the end of what has definitely been a crazy season, and one where even the final two may somewhat be in dispute. We’ve heard and even felt at times that Lil Jon should have made it all the way to the end rather than Trace Adkins, but at the same time, the country star did have a better record as Project Manager and raised more money. This has created for a pretty good showdown between him and the definitely-deserving Penn Jillette, and it will be certainly curious to see who ends up coming out on top.

But who should win the season? That’s where the rankings come in today! We’ve factored in everything, whether it be task performance, edit, and even how much Donald Trump seemingly likes them in figuring out who will be named “The Celebrity Apprentice” tomorrow night, and thus win the prize of absolutely nothing (weak, we know).

2. Trace Adkins – The advantages for Trace are pretty simple. He raised more money during the season than Penn, and he also made it very close to winning during his first season. Trump’s all about pleasing the people (or at least the people who actually like him), and there are plenty of people out there would be happy with a Trace win after Piers Morgan defeated him the first time. Plus, he may have a better overall team, given that Penn has two people (in Dennis Rodman and La Toya Jackson) who were eliminated fairly early on.

On the negative, the biggest issue we see Trace having right now is simply that the man didn’t do a great job in some of the latter tasks, acting irritable and almost like he needed a nap. If we judge this based on overall task wins (even when not PM) and edit, Penn has this in the bag.

1. Penn Jillette – It is the two things just mentioned that seem to give Penn an edge when the dust settles. We don’t know how Trump looks past the fact that almost every week all season with a few exceptions, his team won. Heck, two out of the three times he lost was when Gary Busey was the Project Manager. Put a decent person in there, we could be looking at more domination. Penn seemed to play the game better in that all season long, no one really ever seemed to think he did a lackluster job, and was responsible for the creatives of most of his team’s tasks. He could, if he was pretty smart, point out that Trace was not even present for a task this season, whereas he was for every one.

The only things seemingly going against Penn right now are just that he does have a somewhat-weaker team, even with Trace working with Gary, and that we’re not sure that he can overtake Trace and his fan following.

Who could be the winner this season? We want to hear your thoughts in the poll below! Meanwhile, you can watch a preview for Sunday’s episode, over at the link here.

Photo: NBC


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