MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3, episode 7 preview: Jenna and Matty’s dancing dilemma

AwkwardEvery high school has a number of rites of passage, and for one them, homecoming is that very thing. It’s that dance that is important, but not as important as prom. It’s also that dance that only extremely crazy people take 120% seriously, since it’s typically around a time that everyone is still so hyped up around football.

The only real value in this particular dance is a social function, which may be why it feels so important to Jenna Hamilton on MTV’s “Awkward.” One week after finding a group of like-minded people that were close with Colin, she’s now back to being the odd duck … and to her, having a popular boyfriend in Matty is a key to fitting in.

The problem on this particular occasion is despite having a rather great date to the dance, she also has a date who, to be frank, can’t dance. Matty just doesn’t have any moves, which causes Jenna to worry about being an embarrassment on the floor. Luckily, it looks like someone is about to do the “that’s what friends are for!” thing in Jake. The promo below gives us about three seconds of a hilarious dance lesson involving the two, and that is really all we need in order to be reasonably excited about this story. How often do you get a chance to see these two actually show off their goofball side like this? We much prefer this to kissing scenes or ab flashes.

What’s your prediction for the homecoming spectacular on “Awkward”? It’s fair to say that we’re betting heavily on “drama” with this one. We want to hear your thoughts as always below, and you can also read a little bit more news when it comes to last week’s episode here.

Photo: MTV

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