‘Mad Men’ season 6, episode 8 preview: What comes in ‘The Crash’

Mad MenIf you are someone who pays very close attention to story arcs and their direction over the course of the season, then you likely know that episode eight, at least of a cable show, is around the point where the course of the story is really charted straight up until the ending. If you look at this through the lens of “Mad Men,” this is really in many ways a tale of two halves. The first part of the season was all about what happened to bring Don Draper and Peggy back together, and now the story becomes what happens now with all of these strong personalities and copywriters in one place.

Since the synopsis for the episode is largely useless, let’s go ahead and get it out of the way:

“Don is disrupted by a surprise visitor; Peggy looks for inspiration.”

So what is the title here supposed to mean? “The Crash” really is the biggest clue that we have, and since there was no major stock-market event around that time, the only other thing that makes some sense is Mohawk Airlines. They’ve been a part of the story for years now, and there were a number of notable plane crashes during the late 1960s that could be a focus for a story. We are just afraid to think too much about it, since the last time we had a plane crash on a major prime time series, it was “Grey’s Anatomy”, and a pair of characters died in the process. (Speculation, dear friends, can be a very awful thing.)

What do you think “The Crash” could be about? While we may not have much more to say about it at this time, you can take a look back at the episode prior courtesy of the video here.

Photo: AMC

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