‘Saturday Night Live’ shocker: Ben Affleck, Stefon met in character’s first appearance

StefonEven some of the most devoted fans of the “Saturday Night Live” character Stefon may have a surprise coming their way now. Bill Hader’s classic character, who could make an appearance during the actor’s final show tonight, has actually met host Ben Affleck before. As a matter of fact, it was during the very first Stefon sketch, and one that was not even set during “Weekend Update.”

In the video below, you can see what is the Stefon version of a superhero origin story. The basic idea here is still pretty much the same, as you have a wacky character talking about sort of crazy, hipster-ish things. However, they are in the context of a script he is writing with his brother (Affleck), and this incarnation of Stefon is a little bit more valley boy than what the later “Weekend Update” version ended up becoming.

What this sketch really shows us above all is that “SNL” characters, even some of the best ones, start out as sort of a work in progress. Hader and the writers may have tried this man out in this sort of role first, realized that there was something more to this part, and then later inserted him into “Weekend Update” as a City Correspondent. It is here that Stefon has had so many memorable moments, and that Hader has broken character at least a dozen times thanks to John Mulaney trying to screw with him at the last minute.

Hader could possibly return someday as a host for more craziness if “SNL” ever asks him, but don’t count on there ever being a Stefon movie. If you want to read more on that, just see what the actor had to say about it recently over here.

Photo: NBC

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