‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Aliki Chrysochou, Stevie Pink stand out with auditions

Britain's Got TalentWelcome back to the world of “Britain’s Got Talent”! We are nearing the end of the audition phase, and there is a sort of fear that always comes with that. You need to sell your show with some great acts, and you just have to hope (fingers crossed!) that you have people later on that your audience cares about.

Luckily, the series did not disappoint in at least bringing us something interesting. There were dancers! Ventriloquists! A magician that was actually good! We also had Alesha Dixon trying to hit on people, Simon Cowell getting compared to a dog, and David Walliams joking about the music mogul’s friendship with Louis Walsh.

Stevie Pink – Finally, a magician with a different sort of gimmick! We don’t really care for the massive explosion of pink all over the stage (or that his name is blend of Steve Buscemi and his character “Mr. Pink” from “Reservoir Dogs”), but at the same time, it at least made him stand out. Plus, the man actually found a way to revolutionize the old-fashioned levitating trick that has been done so many times before.

Joseph Hall – Finally, a great solo dancer! One of the few people in this craft all season long that actually managed to get us excited with this sort of skill set.

Steve Hewlett – A ventriloquist who had a variety of different voices and tricks. We didn’t see much of him, but we now want to see so much more.

The Band of Voices – When you consider that Simon Cowell knew one of the members of this group, it would have been pretty embarrassing had they stunk up the joint. This felt like an adult version of a “Sing-Off” group: We hate the name, but love the harmonies and that it’s something different for this show.

Maarty Broekman – Every season, there’s one person you inexplicably like in spite of how awful they are. This guy probably auditioned on some sort of dare, thinking he would get laughed off the stage. Instead, his combo of bad 1980s singing / instrument playing led to quite possibly the greatest victory celebration of all time.

Aliki Chrysochou – What is it this season with singers on this show having impossible-to-spell last names? In this case, Aliki has an incredible voice, but also a story about going through a terrible medical problem that caused her to basically become incapable of doing anything for a good portion of her life.

Who was your favorite this week, and are you feeling great about the live show possibilities coming up? If you want to check out some videos from this week’s episode, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: ITV

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