‘Doctor Who’ season 7 finale review: Who is John Hurt?

Doctor WhoWe have to say: While we genuinely love the beauty and imagination that is often present throughout new episodes of “Doctor Who,” there were some genuine moments of fear and sadness. “The Name of the Doctor” was a journey into the character’s past like no other, a punch to the stomach where every memory that The Doctor ever has was completely reversed.

The basic way to describe the plot was that we traveled through the character’s entire timeline, as we visited the grave of the character that we have come to know and love, only to later to see an attack on his memories via Dr. Simeon. He destroyed himself in an attempt to enact his revenge, and he almost did … Almost.

Luckily, Clara once again swooped in and saved the day, thus explaining in part why she is the Impossible Girl. She is in a million dimensions all at once, and helped save The Doctor at every turn. There were some great callbacks mixed throughout the episode to the early days of the series, and thanks to the returning River Song, we were able to determine that she was somehow still alive in a way that Simeon had perished.

While Clara seemed to find The Doctor, and the two inched closer to being saved, the cliffhanger at the very end changed things forever. Remember The Doctor’s secret? There was a version of himself that did not take his name, and this was the one side that lives within some world of darkness and mystery. His name? Well, we at least know that he will be played by “V for Vendetta” actor John Hurt. Is he the next Doctor? We’ll hopefully have more answers in the days ahead, so stay tuned for more.

We assume that it will take a while longer than the span of this review in order to figure out every detail about this story, including what will happen next. All we can say for now is just that this was a heck of a beautiful hour of TV. John Hurt will be back for the anniversary special, and November 23 marks the beginning of what happens next in this epic adventure.

What was your take on the “Doctor Who” finale: Did it deliver, and what do you think becomes of some of these characters now? If you want to hear the good news in regards to the future of Matt Smith on the series, be sure to check out the story here.

Photo: BBC One

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