‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5 spoilers: The future for Paul Wesley’s Stefan

Paul WesleyWhat comes next for Paul Wesley on “The Vampire Diaries”? From the perspective of the actor, he has to be doing some sort of dance with excitement. Stefan was not exactly the most exciting character through much of season 4, with the exception, of course, of that fun little series of “dates” that he had with Rebekah.

However, the twist at the end of the finale means that we could clearly be back to seeing some more season 3-level content from the actor, at least in that he will get to play some crazy, violent, and dramatic scenes as Stefan’s new doppelganger in Silas. Who imagined that his real form would look so much like him? More so even than Katherine being stuck with the cure, this was one of the most eyebrow-raising moments for the show.

But how long is Stefan going to stay buried? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Julie Plec was at least kind enough to provide some sort of rough estimate as to just how long of a time-span we are really looking at:

“We’ll have to see. Certainly no one’s gonna want to watch The Vampire Diaries without their Stefan alive and well and hangin’ out. So we’ll try not to prolong the torture for too long, but it is gonna be torture. So it will definitely change him. If and when he finally gets free, he’s not necessarily gonna come out of there all sunshine and rainbows.”

We’re also sure that the news that Elena, one of “the ones” in his life (to borrow from that awesome speech that Lexi made) is with Damon is probably not going to help Stefan feel any better during his time away from the gang. Let’s just hope that upon his release, he really will be able to start over and find some sort of new life for himself.

Meanwhile, Damon fans, we have some more scoop for you when it comes to how season 5 will be all about him trying to reconcile the person that he is with the person Elena wants him to be.

Photo: The CW

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