‘Shark Tank’ finale preview: VerbalizeIt looks to revolutionize translation

Shark TankLet’s hope you love “Shark Tank,” mostly since you are going to be getting a mountain of it on Friday night. Rather than just closing off season 4 with one episode, the ABC hit is going to be kind enough to offer us two! This means two full hours of pitches, dealings, fighting amongst billionaires, and hopefully some hilarity also thrown in there at some point.

Since there are no specific sneak peeks out there, we’ll have to settle for the next best thing: A clip that shows enough of one product that we can talk a little about it. That video is below, and the product we have to talk about right now is VerbalizeIt.

If you are on Twitter and you are trying to get some sort of understanding as to what someone is saying, odds are that you probably just try to run it through the translator. Unfortunately, that is not exactly as easy to do when you are talking about an important business document that you need to be 100% accurate. This is where this company comes into play. They can translate documents or sentences on the fly, anywhere in the world, for a price that is reasonable depending on what you’re looking for. It is almost one of those ideas that you really wish someone had thought of sooner when it comes to translations that the internet can’t quite provide on its own.

We don’t know anything about the company, whether it be net sales, margins, or the evaluation, but this is something that we would actually use if we were lost somewhere overseas and needed to find a way home. The website looks clean, the services are clear, and there is even a positive blurb from the show on the page, which suggests that there could be some good things coming up for the company.

We’ll be back tomorrow night to see if this company has its head bitten off, or finds itself some sort of happy ending instead. If you want to read about some other highlights from “Shark Tank” this season, the easy way to do so is by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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