‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 finale review: Is [spoiler] dead, and did Meredith give birth?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9Oh, “Grey’s Anatomy.” How you continue to cruelly tempt us.  This is a show that has made a living out of constantly creating near-death situations in their season finales, so can we really be surprised that they traveled down a familiar road nine years in? The correct answer here is clearly “no.”

In truth, “Perfect Storm” presented devastation from a number of different angles. For Callie and Arizona, for example it appears that their once-happy marriage has been amputated like Arizona’s leg after the admission of her infidelity came out. This would be hard if it was any cheating scandal (which a slight nod to Shonda Rhimes’ other series), but the fact is that it is even worse considering everything that Callie has done for her over the years.

In speaking of relationships, Cristina and Owen appear now to also be finally over for good, with the same problem front and center that has been there for years, which is that he wants a child, and she does not. There’s no getting past that, and it doesn’t really matter how much that they love each other.

On a positive note, at least Meredith’s son was born without any more complications than usual for a Rhimes series, and he even has a name: Bailey, after the doctor who rushed in and saved her life when Shane was struggling.

On a romantic note, there was good news for both Jackson / April and Alex / Jo, as the feelings have been made clear from all parties involved. This is not a guarantee at happiness, but we see it as definitely a step in the right direction.

But now, we must get back with the shocking news at the tail end of the episode: Webber getting electrocuted. Will he live? Considering that we already lost Adele this year, we hope so. Plus, it would be nice now to have a finale with no deaths after the toll last year was so catastrophic.

What was your take on the end of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and do you find all of these deaths to be terribly cruel? If you want to read even more on the future of the show, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: ABC

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