NBC’s ‘The Office’ series finale review: Jim, Pam, surprises, and the final curtain

Jim and Pam“The Office” built up to its finale all season long, and in saying goodbye to the show that we’ve all known and loved for almost a decade, it’s hard to do anything other than tear up a little bit. NBC and the show’s producers did a wonderful job of setting this up. Sometimes, finales are not necessarily meant to be some sort of artistic representation. Instead, it is a thank-you to the fans for all of the time and devotion that they have showed in watching over the years.

It was a powerful, funny, but emotional episode. We don’t really even know how to process it all given that this was a nine-year journey summed up in 75 minutes. So with that, we’re just going to start off here by sharing where all of the characters are now.

Dwight and Angela – Yep, they’re finally married. It was a pretty quirky ceremony that was perfect for what this relationship is: Plus, this event set up many of the surprise arrivals of the night.

Jim and Pam – After staying in Scranton for so long, Jim and Pam have finally decided to make the move in order to follow his dreams. They’re Austin-bound, and she seems to be genuinely excited about having a new future.

Erin – In a small moment, she learned who her real parents were.

Kelly and Ryan – Thanks to them attending the wedding, we learned that Ryan was a father, but was quick to abandon the baby in order to run off with his longtime love. The only thing that really served as payoff in here? Seeing Nellie end up with his child.

Andy – He did not get his happy ending with Erin, but he managed to take his status as America’s laughingstock after a bad reality TV audition and turn it into a positive.

Creed – Everyone finally learned who Creed Bratton really was including the fact that he was in the band “The Grassroots”. Such a lovely, full-circle moment for what has long been a great inside joke over the years.

Michael Scott – He was only around for a few minutes, but when he was there, it was everything that we could have hoped for and then some. Stepping in as Dwight’s best man at his wedding to Angela was inspired.

Kevin – Dwight at first fired him because he was terrible at his job, but they ended up getting along at the end of the day, and Kevin went on to open a bar.

Some of the others – Oscar’s running for public office, Stanley is retired in Florida, and Phyllis just seems to be Phyllis. The only character we wish had more closure was Toby besides moving to New York, but his character was always kind of sad to begin with so why would that change now?

We have a feeling that this is an hour that we will remember for quite a long time, and it will cling to our heart like all of the Dunder-Mifflin memories have over the years. It was sad, it was sweet, but it was perfect in the end.

What was your take on the series finale? If you want to read some more reflections from the cast, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: NBC

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