‘American Idol’ finale prediction: Will Candice Glover, Kree Harrison be the winner?

American IdolWe’ve talked our faces off about the end of “American Idol” almost all season long, but we are now to the point that really matters: Trying to figure out who will bathe in confetti at the tail end of the finale. There are so many different ways to look at it, and so many conspiracy theories for people to come up with. (Our personal favorite? People attacking Nigel Lythgoe on Twitter for “rigging” the competition by having Candice Glover go last … even though Kree Harrison picked to go first.)

We have waited until now to try and call this one way or another, but we think that now is the time we may actually be ready to. The winner of this competition is going to be Candice. Shocker? Hardly. While we may have actually preferred Kree’s original song “All Cried Out,” Candice had the better vocals on the night, and she also had the benefit of being the last thing that America hears. Didn’t you see how well that worked for Phillip Phillips last year?

However, the odds do point to this vote being possibly closer than what some folks would originally predict. What we have to realize / remember here is that Candice has been in danger before, and her fans may have all assumed she was safe so much that they did not bother to vote. Meanwhile, Kree’s fans were in a position similar to Scotty McCreery two seasons ago where Lauren Alaina was heavily touted-out throughout the entire evening as the golden child, and this inspired his fans to go out and vote even harder. There are so many different ways to look at this craziness, and all we can say is this: Both ladies should have a shot at being successful, and their biggest challenge now is just going to be finding a way through the upcoming two hours of self-indulgent television.

There are going to still be some highlights tonight (including an appearance from Adam Lambert), and you can read a little bit more about that over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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