‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 ‘spoilers’: Watch Diddy’s ‘debut’ now!

Downton AbbeyWell, we finally had an opportunity to see what Diddy is up to as the latest “cast member” on “Downton Abbey,” and as it turns out, this actually was far better than we expected it to be. When the rapper changed his Twitter account yesterday to the show’s background and proclaimed himself to be a new series regular for season 4, it felt like this was going to be some sort of lame publicity stunt for a music video that he had filmed in the style of the period drama.

Instead, this actually turned out to be something very different, but also very entertaining. Diddy actually teamed up with Funny or Die in order to craft what is a pretty hysterical video spoof of the show, which features him as the first black character that was never publicly announced. The concept has been done before a number of times, in a character injecting themselves into a TV program, but what makes this stand out here is that it is extremely well-produced.

While Diddy is always going to be a rapper first and foremost in our mind, the guy does have some serious comedy chops, and he plays the ridiculous part here of an egomaniac man who is convinced that he has purchased the abbey, and is desperate to try and mess with as many people within the place as possible. It’s all old footage from the first three seasons, but who knows? Maybe some of the characters on the show would be happier overall had Diddy’s character been there to watch over them.

As this is a Funny or Die video, we have to put the warning out there that the video contains strong language. If you can deal with that, you can likely deal with the comedic punch-to-the-groin that we have here.

“Downton Abbey” has no official premiere date for season 4 in Britain; however, you can read more details on the show’s debut in America next year here.

Photo: ITV

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