‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: The Peter Pan casting debate

"Once Upon a Time" - CastFor the first time since the arrival of Captain Hook on “Once Upon a Time,” there have been many allusions to the fact that Peter Pan is out there in Neverland. However, the finale on Sunday finally opened the door to the character’s true existence, but it also does not feel like this version of the character is anywhere near the hero that we’ve seen in the Disney movie.

so who is going to play this much-coveted part on the third season? Speaking about this very subject in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Adam Horowitz spoke almost as though he already has a person in mind, though he does not quite know who that is:

“I can confirm that it will be a male playing the part … [Outside of that], anything to do with that casting we don’t want to talk about, because that would be a big spoiler. Our approach to Peter Pan is one we’re super-excited about. Since Season 1, the Peter Pan mythology was something we wanted to do, but we couldn’t because of the rights issues. Once they were dealt with, we were able to finally go to town and open that world up. We started with Captain Hook, and we knew we wanted to build to what we’re about to do in Season 3.”

Is it possible that we’ve already met Pan? We doubt it, since this character is still residing in that world. There just must be something very specific about the person in this role that gives us an idea as to what the character will be like.

We do know already that this “Once Upon a Time” season is going to be much more Hook-centric than ever before, after all, Michael Raymond-James has been promoted to a series regular, and Meghan Ory is out in order to take part in her new show “Intelligence” over on CBS.

Photo: ABC

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