NBC’s ‘The Office’ series finale spoilers: Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer say goodbye

Rainn WilsonAt this time tomorrow, we’ll be sitting in front of the TV and sobbing while we watch the end to a show that has really managed to change the history of TV: “The Office.” Look at “Parks and Recreation,” “Modern Family,” and realize how they would not be here were it not for this show. This series has opened the doors for single-camera comedy, and while there were many (“Scrubs”) that did it before, few were as effective in giving us so many characters to love and cheer for.

We have no interest whatsoever in spoiling every finer detail about this episode, especially when we’re so close. What we will tell you, in addition to the scoop yesterday about a time jump, is that we will see the exact effects that the documentary has had on the people working in Dunder-Mifflin. Andy Bernard clearly thinks he’s the star of the show judging on his behavior as a hint, but here’s a hint: He’s not going to be the person that most people are talking about. We don’t know if the fame that comes with this PBS special will really change anyone’s life enormously, but it does at least give them a chance to have years of memories on tape.

As for saying goodbye, take a look at the two videos below to see what Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and more have to say about saying goodbye to the show. On a personal note, we remember watching new episodes (particular season 2 again and again), and in its early days the show was so caring and desperate to stay in tune with the fans that some of its actors created Myspace pages. Crazy, right? There’s no questioning that just as much as we have loved watching this show even through the rockier times, these people loved making it.

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Photo: NBC

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