‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 finale spoilers: The big breakup theory?

Big Bang TheoryAs we inch closer to Thursday night’s “Big Bang Theory” season finale, we have one final bit of scoop suggesting that while there are some big changes coming up for the show, and we are starting to see some genuine evolution for a few people, someone is about to potentially take a step back.

According to TVLine, breakup rumors are floating around like Princess Peach’s hover-jumps when it comes to one of the four relationships going on in the show. Are these rumors true? We’re of course not going to answer that, but this does create a fantastic opportunity to talk a bit about where all of these relationships stand at the moment.

Raj / Lucy – The youngest, and therefore the most vulnerable given that they still have some significant social problems. All we hope is that if this doesn’t work out, Raj does something outside of going back to the same person he was at the start of the show. Hasn’t this guy suffered enough?

Leonard / Penny – Another logical choice, given that the storyline of the finale is going to cause Leonard to take off overseas. We still want to believe that they are endgame, but they could still break up only to get back together again.

Amy / Sheldon – While a breakup would at this point be incredibly tragic, maybe it is what Sheldon needs to finally come to his sense about how good he has it. At least we know that the two will be in the same city when the show starts.

Howard / Bernadette – Odds are 99.9% that this never happens. This show is far too positive in tone to actually destroy a marriage.

Rather than speculating any more on something that will become public knowledge in a day, why not watch the video over at the link here instead? We’re betting that it will make you more excited for this episode than we ever could.

Photo: CBS

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