‘Arrow’ season 2 spoilers: What will be picked up from the finale

ArrowAre you ready to get your blood burning for the “Arrow” finale Wednesday night? It’s possible that you are reading this article after the finale airs, but either way, there’s some valuable information in here about what could take place during the CW series’ second season in the fall.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s going to be at least one person dying by the time this episode wraps. Is this a shock? Hardly. The show’s all about keeping you on your toes, and there’s no better way to do that than continuing to change things up. As for candidates, there are many: Malcolm is obvious as a Big Bad-esque character, we’ve been afraid for Diggle since the freakin’ pilot, and it would make some sense for someone in the Queen family to fall given that Oliver has certainly put them in a dangerous position.

The man behind the Hood in Stephen Amell is of course playing coy, though he did tell Entertainment Weekly something that should be very interesting when it comes to Oliver Queen’s season 2 trajectory, and what could make him keep fighting despite suggesting last week that taking down Malcolm could mean the vigilante’s end:

“If a father’s dying wish was the impetus for Oliver in season one, then the events that take place in the finale are the impetus for season two.”

Meanwhile, Amell also dropped some interesting scoop on the future of Roy Harper on the show, including whether or not we could see him assume more of an active role in the organization:

“It took Oliver five years to turn into what is not even the completed version of Arrow … If Roy is going to become a member of the team he’s going to have to go through something too.”

Desperate for even more scoop from the world of “Arrow”? The following news concerning the future of Oliver and Tommy should very well suffice.

Photo: The CW

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