‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: New Naya Rivera – Heather Morris scoop!

GleeBrittana fans, listen up: We have at least the early word on what is coming up on “Glee” season 5 for your two favorite characters, but it may not make you altogether happy, meaning that they are going to be spending some more time apart.

Let’s start this off with the obvious: Heather Morris is not going to be around when the show picks up in September, as a matter of fact, we probably won’t see her in 2013 at all. According to TVLine, early indications do suggest that we will see Brittany S. Pierce again in the new year for at least a few episodes, but it still may not be until the final handful of episodes of the season depending on when she gives birth and then how much time she wants off with her new baby.

So what is Santana going to do in that time away from her ex-girlfriend? Why, pursue new opportunities for herself, of course! While no one has been cast yet, the show is looking for a young woman to play her new girlfriend in New York City. This is possibly going to be the Maltese Falcon of castings, since you have to find someone who is not only phenomenal, but who won’t cause diehard fans to freak out given the love for Brittany and Santana that is already there. (Chord Overstreet was at least strong enough to handle most of the hate that came his way, though he may also get a new love interest at some point in the future.)

We will probably know more about Santana’s future in a few months, mostly because there isn’t a single word of script yet for the new season as far as we know. (That will start a little later in the summer.)

Speaking of departing actors, Mike O’Malley may have a new show on NBC, but don’t worry, as we have confirmation here that Burt Hummel will still put in at least one more appearance in the fall.

Photo: Fox

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