‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 spoilers: How will Cristin Milioti meet Ted?

How I Met Your MotherEven though she may have only appeared for just a few brief seconds of the “How I Met Your Mother” season 8 finale, it is pretty hard to dispute right about now that Cristin Milioti may be the breakout star of television of the past week. Thanks to just a tiny cameo at the end of “Something New,” where it was revealed that she will be the mother of Ted’s future children, we now know almost every piece of the puzzle save for what the moment will be like when they finally meet.

Now, we’ve also figured out some more news on the eventual “hello” moment that will make some fans pass out … and if the Mother is going to meet any of Ted’s friends first. As a matter of fact, the answer here just so happens to be “yes.” According to TVLine, Milioti will have spent time with every other actor on the show, whether it be Neil Patrick Harris or Alyson Hannigan, before ever meeting Josh Radnor onscreen. This makes for a pretty interesting dynamic, since all of these characters will get a chance to independently feel out her character.

What makes this brilliant is that for them, she’s just another person on the street. There’s no expectation or judgment, so when she meets Ted the lights will be shining down from the heavens, and they can give him their honest opinion about her.

As for the thought of this entire season being themed around the Barney / Robin wedding, we know that this thought makes some out there want to scream out in rage. However, think about it in terms of narrative: If this is the end of the story and the most important part, wouldn’t Ted spend more time in telling his kids this than anything else? We like to think so.

What do you think: Even if the final season is somewhat experimental, are you still excited to see how it could play out? There is still more to say on Milioti’s casting, and you can read more about it at this link.

Photo: CBS

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