‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’: CBS confirms returning players vs. family members

SurvivorGood news for those of you wanting some sort of validation that CBS is indeed going for a “family members vs. returning players” theme for the upcoming 27th season of “Survivor”: The network confirmed it in their upfront presentation on Wednesday.

What is a little bit more unclear at the moment is just what the tribal structure is going to be. Is there one tribe of returnees and a tribe of their relatives, or are they mixed together in pairs “Amazing Race”-style? Also, good luck keeping the cast list for this season from getting online. There are some pretty strong lists all around the internet already, and for the folks at CBS casting this has to be an interesting dilemma: Do you bring back some of your absolute strongest players for this season, or instead keep them from a show featuring all returning players?

We’ve been a little caging giving an opinion on the concept thus far, mostly because it’s risky. With that right cast, and with people genuinely willing to be cutthroat and vicious to each other, it could be great. If the castaways all have some sort of moral entitlement since they are with someone that keeps their heads out of the game, then it becomes a million times less fun.

CBS will likely not confirm the cast until later this year, ironically after the 28th season enters production. There’s not much known about that, but we’re either hoping for something with all newbies, or something that is a “Survivor: Philippines” sort of cast with three returning players each leading a group of six.

There are some other changes that you can expect to see the show making for the new season, but what do we want to see? We have a pretty in-depth take on this (complete with a total beat down of the reunion show from Sunday night) over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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