‘Beauty and the Beast’ finale spoilers: A fight, and a sneak peek

Beauty and the BeastIt’s rather lovely for The CW to have renewed “Beauty and the Beast” a little bit earlier on in the year. As for why, the answer is simple: They are providing us with an ample opportunity to actually enjoy the show a little bit more rather than just sit around and anxiously wonder whether or not the show is coming back. (Oh, the days of being haunted by “The Secret Circle” were bad…)

So what can you expect from the season finale? To give anything too major away at this point would be sacrilege, mostly because you’ve waited this long, and the story with Cat and Vincent has become so emotionally charged. There will be some romance, a few surprises, a tease for next season, and of course a fight … one that Vincent is going to struggle with in the early stages of dealing with Gabe. Speaking on this matter in a chat with TV Guide, here is what Jay Ryan had to say:

“Now that Vincent has been taking medication his strength is weakened … So at the beginning of the fight he doesn’t have his beast qualities and he has to refer back to his military training.”

Meanwhile, the sneak peek below from the episode features Gabe preparing for the aforementioned showdown with Vincent. He realizes that in many ways, this is his only option for self-preservation. Personally, we wish for the sake of drama that he could find a way to survive … especially since we remember what happened to the last major character on a TV series played by Sendhil Ramamurthy.

You want more scoop beyond this? Greedy, aren’t you? We still aim to please, and the full synopsis from this episode (which gives a little more scoop on some other characters) can be found over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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