Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: WGA Strike, prison health care

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

After an extremely long wait, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver finally returned to HBO — and he chose to address the WGA strike in a big way.

At the start of the episode, he did briefly address the strike — later on, though, and after a recap of the past five months, he made a more direct statement. He praised the guild for their determination, but also lambasted the studios for taking almost five months to offer the writers a deal that they could have offered almost right away. We give him a generous round of applause for that, mostly due to how little has been said about it on other entertainment shows since the strike ended. (Heck, it was basically ignored on the premiere of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.)

Oliver did also mention within this segment the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, plus some others that are coming within the labor world. The fight continues, even if we do have a chance to see some parts of entertainment return.

Now, even with the show having so much that it could discuss from the last five months, there actually was still a proper main segment and the series did not drift too much from that focus. Now, the truth here remains that we have seen Oliver discuss prisoner rights on a number of different occasions already, and we really don’t think it is all that much of a jaw-dropper that he did so again here.

As a matter of fact, we’d consider it to be important. Wek know that this is a comedy show at its core, but it has always focused at least a part of its episodes on delivering important facts — even on subjects that not everyone may consider as front-of-mind much of the time. The same can be said here. There is a relatively evergreen nature to this particular subject and yet, things that can be done almost right away.

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