‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 finale spoilers: Has Leonard made up his mind?

Big Bang TheoryWill Leonard stay or will he go? That is what everyone wants to know when it comes to Thursday’s season 6 finale for “The Big Bang Theory.” Just when it seems as though everything is nice, stable, and relatively drama-free when it comes to his relationship with Penny, he gets a job offer that could take him overseas. Is it a permanent thing? Judging from some of the dialogue in the video below, we don’t think so. There aren’t as many tears as we would expect from the couple despite seemingly being apart for a time, though Sheldon is also in the back seat for whatever reason antagonizing them.

The promo does definitely suggests that Leonard decides to take the job, since he otherwise has no reason to be at the airport. For the show, this presents an opportunity to create something fresh, just as it did with the start of the year with Howard in space. How will Sheldon handle not having his roommate and confidante nearby? He’ll probably harass Howard and Raj more, and from there it becomes a question of how much of him they can take before starting to break down.

On a different note, something happens that is so exciting, it actually leads to Raj and Penny hugging. Hopefully, this leads to something far different than the last time these two spent a few moments getting close to each other in a finale. (The aftermath of this may still haunt producers to this day, though they found a nice way out of it.)

Do you want to see Leonard leave, or do you think this is the best move for the show? This is far from the only “Big Bang Theory” season 6 scoop we’ll be bringing you over the next few days, and we already have a specific Sheldon / Penny sneak peek for you to sink your teeth into here.

Photo: CBS

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