‘Game of Thrones’ season 3: Robb Stark’s rebirth, Dany’s mission, more explained

Robb StarkIf we were to grade Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones” episode based solely on its level of shockers versus, it would probably be on the lower end of the spectrum. Outside of seeing an opportunity to watch the famous battle scene involving a bear and Brienne, there may not have been much that produced the sort of “I must call my friends now!” moment that has been the show’s bread and butter thus far.

However, those moments are clearly coming up soon, and the latest “Inside the Episode” video from HBO does a nice job of allowing us to see into the future of some of the storylines being crafted. There’s an all-sorts-of-amazing bits about Arya thrown in here, and it gives hope to those who have found her story a little too plodding and dark as of late. Meanwhile, there’s some great insight into the “human moment” that Robb had an opportunity to share with Talisa. It is one of the few parts of the story thus far where we have seen the man actually completely transfixed on something other than the battle ahead, though whether or not this is the right thing for him to be focusing on right now is a very different tale.

What may be the coolest insight in here is the simple explanation into what sort of leader Danaerys is currently in the process of trying to become: One that serves with a purpose beyond reclaiming her family name. She was to be something more than just a leader, and the way in which she has decided to handle her attempt at reclaiming the Iron Throne is ingenuous in many ways. She’s a unifying force, a hope for the hopeless, and a reason for the poor to suddenly believe as though they have a chance. She also has dragons, and that’s great just for people who love watching stuff burn.

For a more dragon-less side of the Khaleesi, the video from the upcoming “Second Sons” gives the proper insight into what is next.

Photo: HBO

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