Survivor 45 premiere: Hannah Rose quits at Tribal Council

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Entering tonight’s Survivor 45 premiere, we were incredibly curious as to who would be voted off first. There were a lot of enthusiastic people! Then, there was Emily, who we considered to be one of the most unhappy people we’ve seen at the start of a season.

Based on early confessional that we had from her — one where she said she’d rather be the first person out than be anything other than the winner — we thought she’d be the first one out.

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Well, to the surprise of nobody, the Lulu Tribe did lose the immunity challenge, which meant that they took off to Tribal Council. Before that, though, there was a weird game of “strategy” in which Hannah was having withdrawals, Brandon was struggling in every challenge, and Emily continued to be terrible socially. You could make a case to get ANY of these people out and it would be understandable in the end! (Also, Brandon was threatening to play his Shot in the Dark.)

So what actually happened?

There were four different possibilities entering this Tribal — Hannah volunteered to leave, Brandon got voted out, Emily was taken out as a strategic / social issue, or Kaleb being blindsided. The latter was Emily’s target, but he was one of the only major physical threats that the tribe even had.

The moment that Hannah said that she wanted to go home, though, that was pretty much it. It felt like she was ready to leave the game. Emily should have been voted out, but that didn’t happen — she and possibly Brandon were both spared by Hannah making it clear what she wanted. She is gone, which means that the first person “voted out” actually did not have to be voted out at all.

In general, we do think that this is going to be a fantastic season with these 90-minute episodes.

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