‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 finale spoilers: Death watch

Grey's Anatomy Season 9We like to think that we did a pretty good job over the weekend trying to run away from the idea of talking only about the “Grey’s Anatomy” finale Thursday night through the lens of death, mostly because we do understand why it may or may not always appear that way, but there is something substantial to talk about with this last hour of TV for the spring beyond just someone potentially biting the dust.

Also, we are looking at a distinct situation from the place that we were in moving into last year’s soul-crusher “Flight” finale, which had fans hiding a pool of their own tears all week. At that point, there was confirmation that at least one character was going to die. This time, all we have to rely on is simply the notion that one character is “fighting” for their lives, which is far and away a different story.

From a personal standpoint, we don’t want to be spoiled as to the whom, but it is occasionally nice to know the what. The analogy that we are trying to create here is that for the finale last year, Shonda Rhimes gave us time to commence our spiraling and understanding that someone aboard the plane would die. We were at least marginally prepared for it. The same goes for a certain death that happened during the “Revenge” season finale on Sunday night.

With that being said there are a few candidates that are not in for an easy day. Meredith is actually giving birth, and trying to do that while a massive storm is raging outside, to the point where the power is gone, is not going to be an easy task. It’s also the worst luck ever. The possible death could therefore be Meredith’s baby, and there has been scoop for quite some time saying that the person delivering it could be in trouble. That’s bad news for either Cristina or Shane, who are also set to be a part of the story.

We don’t know if there is anyone else really in the cross-hairs. Alex and Jo have already escaped a deadly situation once, and it would be complete regurgitation (akin to the show barfing all over itself) if someone whose life was on the line during the plane crash suddenly ended up dead here.

For now, we welcome all of your thoughts / speculation in the comments below. Also, why don’t you join us for a little bit of explanation of the finale from Jessica Capshaw, who is kind enough to share a few teasers of the future of Callie and Arizona.

Photo: ABC

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