‘New Girl’ season 2 finale spoilers: Cast talks Nick and Jess, Cece’s wedding

New GirlWe’re already starting to get a little emotional over the thought that in just over 24 hours, “New Girl” season 2 will be off the air. What in the world did we do to deserve this? What will we watch when it’s over? How ridiculous will it be? All of these, at the moment at least, are pretty worthy questions.

The preview video certainly does a grade-A job of making this feel like an episode of the season that you absolutely cannot DVR. If you are on Twitter just a few minutes too late, everything is ruined! We will find out at the end of this if Cece is able to go through with her Indian wedding, or if someone (i.e. Schmidt) really is going to be able to stop it. Almost as if it is the whisper at the end of “Lost in Translation,” a good chunk of this story is going to revolve around whether or not he is actually able to call off the ceremony using a look Cece gave him as some sort of concrete evidence that she wants out. (Good luck with this one, Schmidt.)

As for the rest of the story, here are a few quick teasers:

1. There will be at least one more slice of evidence that Elizabeth is awesome, and we want to have her around more even if she does not end up with Schmidt.

2. Winston’s bright idea for a crazy prank appears to be dropping a badger on someone’s head following the wedding ceremony. What we want to know is how he was able to catch a badger in the first place.

3. Jess will lay her heart out on the line for Nick, and it’s really up to him to figure out, like any relationship-chess game, what his next move should be.

Sorry, Taylor Swift fans. We don’t have any new footage of her on the show or evidence if she is ever ever gonna get together with one of the guys. There is still an older promo over here, if you’re desperate to see what the country star is up to.

Photo: Fox

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