ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 finale spoilers: Molly Quinn on Castle, Beckett, season 6

Molly QuinnIt has been a while since we saw a full-fledged Alexis storyline on “Castle,” at least since that pretty terrifying (and Liam Neeson-esque) plot where Castle and his father worked overseas to try and rescue her. Thankfully, this is changing with a jam-packed episode Monday night entitled “Watershed.” We’ll see a big decision for Alexis, and also of course the answer as to whether or not Castle and Beckett are really going to get through the season as a couple.

Before we touch down on the Alexis scoop, let’s give you a notable highlight first from Molly Quinn’s chat with The Hollywood Reporter.Remember that swing set? Let’s hope so, since it has been such a part of the show. Well, it is going to be coming back in a pretty important way in the finale for Caskett to sort of out there issues (which are substantial enough to fill out a mystery novel all their own).

Now, let’s turn to what this Alexis storyline will specifically be:

“Alexis is trying to convince her dad that it is OK for her to take a trip to Costa Rica and her dad, of course, is very uncomfortable with that considering what happened to her earlier this season with her being kidnapped and everything. Alexis is trying to reassert her independence because after that whole experience, her dad is much more overprotective. I mean, Alexis was still shocked — she would be after that traumatic situation — but now she’s like, “Hmm, this isn’t good. I can’t let him think that we’re reverting back to being 14. I’m 19, going on 20, I need to take this trip because I can’t let my fears conquer me.” 

Quinn was also kind enough to at least share a few quick teases as to what she would like season 6 to look like / be when it ends up airing on the show this fall:

“This is all speculation but I would like to see Alexis get a little tougher, even just in appearance. Maybe have some things where she’s going undercover on her own, having to uncover some conspiracy that’s going on at her school or helping a friend get out of a bad situation. I’d like to see Alexis maybe even be a bit of a vigilante, maybe into some problems in the precinct. How much fun would that be?! And it’s not far-fetched either, that can completely happen.”

Sadly, the “Castle” renewal, while originally reported to be for two seasons, ended up only being one. Nonetheless, there’s still potential for a season 7 depending on what happens moving ahead.

We’re sure you are chomping at the bit now to find out even more about this “Castle” episode, and this is why we’re here. Take a look at these sneak peeks, and get yourself ready for what will surely be a pretty emotional and crazy ride.

Photo: ABC

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